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Free Wallpaper Downloads... Fine Art Female Nudes

Fine Art Female Nudes

These wallpaper downloads are simply .jpg images, which can be used directly as screen background (“wallpaper”). .

All images are copywrite. Permission is granted to download any images on this web site only, provided that downloaded pictures and/or copies are only for personal use. No permission is granted for any commercial use; all other rights reserved.

Here are some examples. In some cases, you may have to make size adjustments.


To download, check below...

Partial view of several calendar pages (.jpg images).

Linux screen background, using Sunbird on top.


Using Windows Vista as wallpaper.

How to download...

The calendar images can be downloaded as 1920 x 1200  or 1600 x 1200 pixel black-background images with embedded pictures; select and click from the links below; the linked page will show available image thumbnails which can be clicked to view, download or save, full-size .jpg pics.


wallpaper 2015-16 1600x1200
wallpaper 2015-16 1920x1200